Vrai Nom :
Bruce Wayne
Nom :
Surnoms :
The Dark Knight
Surnoms VF :
Le Chevalier Noir
Relations et Familles :
Dr. Thomas Wayne (father, deceased); Martha Wayne (mother, deceased); Selina Kyle-Wayne aka Catwoman (wife, deceased); Helena Wayne aka Huntress (daughter, deceased); Richard "Dick" Grayson (former legal ward, deceased); Philip Wayne (uncle); Bruce N. Wayne (uncle, deceased); Karl Kyle aka King of the Cats (brother-in-law); Brane aka Batman of the year 3000 (distant descendant)
Affiliation :
Gotham City Police Department; Former partner of Robin (Earth-Two); Former member of the Justice Society of America; leader of the Batman Family
Base d’Opérations :
Partenaire :
Alignement :
Identité :
Race :
Citoyenneté :
Situation :

Genre :
Taille :
6'2", (as Banner); 8'7"
Poids :
128 lbs(as Banner) Modèle en boucle détecté : Modèle:Green;1150 lbs (as hulk)
Yeux :
Brown, (as Banner);Green (as Hulk)
Cheveux :
Brun, (as Banner);Green (as Hulk)
Peau :
Blanc, (as Batman) ;Vert (as Hulk)
Caractéristiques :
Origine :
Witnessing the murder of his parents, young Bruce Wayne vowed to wage a never ending war on crime.
Education :
Univers :
Lieux de Naissance :
Créateurs :
Bill Finger; Bob Kane
First appearance

Batman vol 1 78 (as Green Goblin)

Modèle en boucle détecté : Modèle:Green qfqf (as batman)

Modèle en boucle détecté : Modèle:Green


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Pouvoirs et Habilités


No known superhuman powers.


Brilliant athlete and acrobat; master of many forms of hand-to-hand physical combat and Eastern and Western martial arts as well as weaponry; superb reasoning and deductive ability proclaimed his skills as the World's Greatest Detective. Mastery of many advanced forms of disguises and acting.

Niveau de Force

From the age of twelve forward, Bruce Wayne exercised extensively and intensively, providing him advanced human strength beyond most athletes though technically not superhuman-extended into the peak human range of strength.



Various small hand to hand devices usually carried in his utility belts and assembled into his costume directly such as low level armor that gave him some protection against bullets and knives


Various devices and other motorized vehicles most notably the Batmobile, batcycles, Batboat, Batplane and others; swinging under own power via grappling hooks and other devices.


Various though his most notable offensive are batarangs though he did carry and use a handgun for much of his early career, as well as later used various explosive devices.


  • Unlike his Earth-One and modern era counterparts, the Earth-Two Bruce Wayne was a regular open pipe smoker for many years as noted he did from before his marriage to Selina to after her death which was attributed to be over twenty years, which some writers and fans state was the source for the character's cancer that was killing him.
  • Unlike the original Golden Age stories, the Earth-Two Batman was shown to have carried and used a gun after forming his partnership with his Robin whereas the original stories have Batman using a gun in only his earliest adventures and stopped before Robin joins him as a partner in 1940 (shown in Detective Comics #38).
  • He was briefly succeeded in the role of Batman by his former junior partner, Dick Grayson, after Wayne retired. recounted in Brave and the Bold Vol 1#182. But Grayson felt uncomfortable in the role of Batman and decided not to continue in the role and resumed his original costume identity of Robin with a modified version of his mentor's costume. Grayson later replaced that version of his costume with his better known mostly yellow bodysuit version.
  • The Earth-Two Batman's spirit recently appeared in the Infinite Crisis events and claimed to now be elsewhere and that his previous existence was now "complicated". It was not specified whether it was the Earth-Two Wayne's spirit or Grayson's spirit who appeared in the JSA 80-82 issues.
  • The Earth-Two Batman costume was differentiated from the Earth-One Batman by lack of yellow circled chest symbol and pointed utility belt.

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